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Installing the Operating Systems

Installing of the operating system was straight forward. I didn’t hit anything out of the norm while installing them. So I’ll just go down the list of the installs and let you know what was done outside the normal install. one thing I did for all installs is I set Static IP addresses for all the servers and desktops. It’s something I like to do in my house and it will make it easier for me to RDP into each install to work on them.

  • Dell Poweredge R710 (Physical Hardware Hosting Lab)
    • Windows Server 2012r2 Datacenter
      • Added the Hyper-v role
  • Virtual Server 1 (Domain Controller)
    • Windows Server 2019 Standard
      • Added Active Directory Domain Services
        • Group Policy Management
      • DNS server
  • Virtual Server 2 (ServiceNow MID Server)
    • No Roles or Features installed.
  • Virtual Server 3 (File Server)
    • No Roles or Features installed at this time
  • Virtual Server 4 (Linux)
    • Not Roles or Features installed

Each server was added to the domain (except the Linux Server) and named based on what their function was (for the most part) with the naming convention being TestLab(TL)-function.

  • TL-Vert – Hyper-v
  • TL-DC01 – Domain Controller
  • TL-MID01 – ServerNow MID Server
  • TL-FS01 – File Server
  • TL-Lin01 – Linux Server

Other then updating the servers and adding those roles they are stock. I have them all 1 Virtual Processor, 8GB of ram and 100GB hard drive.

I know that I could have really put most of those functions all in one server but my goal is to get close to a real work environment as possible.

As for the desktops I pretty much did the same thing as above. Only installed the operating systems and updates. I name the desktops in the same naming convention.

  • TL-Win10
  • TL-Lin18

That wraps up the installation of the operating systems. In the next post I will be populating the domain with Users and Groups but I do not want to add them one at a time so I will be building a PowerShell script to complete this task for me.

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