Populating Active Directory

Now that I have the domain setup it was time to add users and groups. If you read the last post you would know that I have tried this once before and it did not work as I would have liked it to, so I deleted all the users that where made and went looking for another Powershell script. I came a crossed this script HERE on TechNet and it was just what I was looking for.  It comes with the PS script and the CSV file. I edited a few columns in the CSV to like the addresses to better match what I am used to seeing. It also created some groups and added users into them which help with the realizuam of the lab. As i am typing this the PS is running making 2500 users and placing them in groups based on the random job titles that it assigned them.

I have activated my personal developer instance of ServiceNow and the next step will be to add the Mid Server to the domain and install the required ServiceNow Mid Server software so I can  populate SNow with users.

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